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The Magic Boy (The Magic Boy series) (Volume 1) Paperback – April 15, 2018

by Dorina Van Hauen (Author)

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Arthur is being bullied in school, and his life is split between living part-time with either his mom or dad, who are divorced. Yet, he is a boy with a rich inner imagination. In his inner world, he goes on many adventures and receives the inspiration, strengths and insights that he needs in order to get through daily life. In his imagination, he meets creatures that he did not even know existed. He also meets people in ordinary life who make him realize things about himself and everything that he can achieve in life. Arthur's day-to-day life reflects challenges that kids and teenagers might relate to, especially with regard to bullying and other challenges in school. Some of his experiences will take you on an exciting and very different journey. Join his adventures and see where you end up. | Bullying | Out of Bullying | children and young people | schools | The Magic Boy

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